Carlos Sardiña Galache

Journalist covering Southeast Asia.

Bangkok (Thailand)

Carlos Sardiña Galache

Journalist covering Southeast Asia.


State Racism Meets Neoliberalism

In Burma, state racism isn't just perpetrated by its military, but liberals like Aung San Suu Kyi.
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Ethnic identity determines to a large degree who belongs to the Burmese polity, and the place in it of those who do; some groups are de facto relegated to subordinate positions in a hierarchy dominated by the Bamar majority. But the Rohingya are excluded altogether. Since the late seventies, the government’s policy has been one of containment.
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A tribute to Benedict Anderson

With the death in December of Benedict Anderson, the world lost a towering figure in studies of the region.
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Self-fulfilling lethal prophecies in Myanmar

ARSA and Tatmadaw sleepwalking into self-fulfillment of their worst prophecies.
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‘Groupism’ and sectarian violence in Arakan

Journalists and other external observers can have no excuse for uncritically repeating narratives that have contributed to bringing untold devastation to both communities for decades.
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The Lady doth protest too seldom

Suu Kyi has been far more engaged in playing politics in the opaque corridors of power in Naypyidaw and making tours abroad than trying to listen to the Burmese public at large, whose support she and the NLD seem to take for granted.
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Carlos Sardiña Galache

"A lie ain't a side of a story. It's just a lie."
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